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Day trips close to Jeddah include:

Taif A popular summer spot for Saudis due to its cool temperatures, it is still worth a visit. It is also on the way to almost every place east or south of Jeddah. At the top of the escarpment there are baboons and Saudis to entertain you, and markets further towards the city centre.

The waterfall A very picturesque area, and complete with a waterfall, outside of late summer. There is even a great track for budding four-wheel-drive track fans. The waterfall is on the way to Taif. With the escarpment in sight, there will be some crappy concrete buildings on your right (south). Turn right after these and follow the track in a southerly direction. The "way in" is to follow a track up a steep hill, only passable by four-wheel drive vehicles. When your each the top, head towards the right for the waterfall, or to the left for a pleasant picnic area.

Shuayba On the coast south of Jeddah, it’s a great dive spot out of Jeddah for a Friday, or even the whole weekend. Just after joining the “Christian Highway”, take the first junction to the right by the big petrol station, heading south. If you reach the Makkah/Taif highway you've missed this turnoff. Continue to head south until you see the desalination plant on the coast to your right, taking the road signposted to it (now heading west towards the coast). When you come to the front of the desalination plant, drive past it (south) and follow its fence, turning west again towards the sea when your reach the fence corner. Find gaps in the fence on your left to get through and drive further south, along the coast, to a suitable diving / camping ground.

Camel Racing - trip 1 and trip 2
A trip to the camel racing is well worth the visit and an amazing photo opportunity. Races run during the summer on alternate Thursdays. Head up the escarpment to
Taif, driving past the markets, and then follow signs for Riyadh, joining the Riyadh/Taif highway. About 70 km from Taif, you pass large shiny dishes way off to your right (south east-ish). Take the next junction to the right off the motorway, and the next right turn again - this is where the races are held.

Wadi Rabigh One of the locations closest to Jeddah that is well worth a trip is Wadi Rabigh. Drive northwards along the expressway, heading towards Yanbu. Take the turn off to the left along the coast, while the expressway continues on to Medina. You'll pass the power station on your left, shortly after this is a turn off to your right. Take this, and follow the track over the Irish Bridge. Immediately after this, turn right again, you are now approaching Wadi Rabigh from the north.

Usfan Just north of Jeddah, this is an ideal spot for an afternoon of exploring and testing the four-wheel drives in the desert.